About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

Governance & Operation
At WuXi AppTec, corporate social responsibility and business development are melded into our vision, mission and strategies. In decision making and regular operation, we take into full consideration such factors as social responsibility, environmental protection and cost control, and strictly obey local laws and regulations in various regions. Similarly, we also abide by the ethical criteria of the industry and the highest standards of business ethics. Still, we boast a mature system of corporate governance and keep enhancing risk management of the value chain and management of business intelligence. We protect the intellectual property rights of our clients and ourselves, and will constantly promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry as a responsible corporate citizen.
Protection of Intellectual Property
The principle that customers always come first is one of our core values. Customers' intellectual properties are the lifelines of WuXi AppTec. With regard to intellectual property, we have taken multiple measures such as the protection of trademark, patents, know-how, and copyright, in accordance with the characteristics of different businesses and technologies. We have established a multi-layered system of intellectual property protection, and firmly protect the intellectual property of our clients with a zero tolerance policy. If you observe any behavior that may violate the business ethics and related laws, please report it through the following website.
Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)
The vision of our EHS system is to continuously enhance the protection of the environment, the health and safety of employees and the public, as well as the properties of ourselves and our clients, via a comprehensive EHS management system, which also supports the company's sustainable development and growth. Employees are the most valuable treasure of an enterprise, so ensuring workplace safety and staff health is one among the key measures of our corporate management. Proper EHS management is the basis of the company's survival and development; to protect the environment and care about the public demonstrates the social responsibility of WuXi AppTec.
Public Welfare
WuXi AppTec is dedicated to creating an innovative ecosystem, reducing innovation costs and training more science and technology talents by constructing an enabling platform of technology and capability. "The WuXi AppTec Life Science and Chemistry Award" was set up in 2007, aiming to reward young scientists who make an outstanding achievement in the field of chemistry, biology, or other life science related disciplines. By the end of 2018, 225 scientists have received the awards and 15 among them have been elected the academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering.

In May 2006, WuXi AppTec Help Fund was formally established. Over the past 12 years, Help Fund has raised more than 4 million yuan to help dozens of colleagues and their families difficulties. Immediately after the occurrence of major disasters such as Wenchuan Earthquake, Yushu Earthquake, Zhouqu Debris Flow, 8.12 Tianjin Explosion, Funing Tornado and Maoxian Debris Flow, WuXi AppTec responded quickly and contributed more than 2.5 million yuan to the disaster-stricken areas. In the future, WuXi AppTec will continue to convey warmth with most sincere love.
Adhere to Human-Oriented Development
Employees are our most valuable asset and the source of innovation for our sustainable development. We believe that "only a company with a unanimity of purpose will prevail." To this end, WuXi AppTec pursues the talent strategy combining international standards and localized practices. We strive to create a diversified, equal, safe and dynamic working platform, encouraging employees to "have passion, have fun, and have a career in WuXi".